Finally, at the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef, Emma Johnston heads underwater with Google to take the reef into homes around the world. On Gabo Island, on the Victorian side of the border, Emma Johnston witnesses a secret method for growing unusual pearls in wild abalone. Neil Oliver uncovers real-life horror at the, Nicholas Crane journeys from Cardigan Bay in, Beautiful but troubled, Northern Ireland's coast has had a turbulent history for more than 2,000 years. The series visits both France (for the second time) and Denmark (for the first time) exploring how these countries are linked to our own via the sea. Brendan Moar dives headlong into a dangerous current to investigate first hand the science of rips. Tim Flannery begins this Top End adventure at Victoria Settlement and its tragic history in the struggle to colonise Australia's northern frontier. Emma Johnston hunts for the delicate. Crews received a … In the tranquil south-east of Tasmania, Neil Oliver probes Port Arthur's harsh penal history. Nicholas Crane tells the tale of the, Exploring the tidal ebb and flow of the seas surrounding Britain. The Coast Guard stations of Florida prepare for incoming Hurricane Isaac. Britain's last great wilderness, the stunning Cape Wrath, is the stomping ground for Nick Crane who discovers where wolves once trod and a hermit made his home. Tim Flannery walks in primeval tracks along the legendary Dinosaur Coast. 42 min. Coast New Zealand is a continuation of the Coast series, this time showcasing and exploring the coastlines of Aotearoa, New Zealand. Coast Guard Florida: TV Review. The first and second series of 6 episodes was commissioned by TVNZ in a joint production with the BBC and Great Southern Television. The Reliance crew dealt with … Brendan Moar learns the art of Indigenous Raft making and Emma Johnston investigates the lush, protected habitat of migratory shorebirds. After the success of the first series, the second series began to explore more unique locations like Norfolk Island, Torres Strait, and the Gippsland Lakes. Series 4 reintroduced the circular element, starting at Whitstable and ending at Hull, though with visits to Ireland, Normandy, and Norway included as well. The subtitle of the series is A Journey of Discovery. The first episode was broadcast on 9 July 2015 on BBC Two and BBC Two HD. It also took in more Aboriginal history, as well as visiting South Australia for the first time. Tessa Dunlop investigates the Pilgrims' Fathers' hidden history. On an idyllic island, Neil Oliver uncovers a bloody tale of cultural misunderstanding. Nick Crane learns how, Exploring the lifestyles and history of some of the most extreme locations in Britain. The Coast Guard deals with two fires, one in a field of drugs and the other aboard a boat. What becomes of our Coast in winter, its 'secret season', when we're at home? Series 6 onwards have been released on Region 2 DVD and Region B Blu-ray by Acorn Media UK. Episodes from old series have been shown on Yesterday. Coast is a BBC documentary series first broadcast on BBC Two television in 2005. The seventh series was the first series not to feature Alice Roberts, one of the original presenters. The first series of Coast Australia aired on 2 December 2013 on the History Channel in Australia and on 14 May 2014 on BBC Two. The show is presented by Neil Oliver who is joined by local Australian experts. Comprising 8 episodes, the series looked at iconic landmarks throughout Australia like the Great Barrier Reef, Botany Bay, and the Gold Coast. The format of the series changed significantly from previous series in that each episode has a theme featuring stories from every part of the British Isles instead of concentrating on one geographical area per episode. TV-G. In common with the previous series, the journey does not follow a circular course; the series starts in Shetland and finishes in Dover. In the pretty seaside town of Woolgoolga, Brendan Moar uncovers the historic roots of the largest regional population of Sikhs in the country. The Coast Guard makes a daring rescue attempt off the coast of Cape Cod after a pair of oil tankers are destroyed during a blizzard in 1952. JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The United States Coast Guard said that they are searching for a man who fell into the water near Jacksonville, Florida. Scottish historian, archaeologist, author, and broadcaster Neil Oliver returns to our screens to explore the panoramic beauty and history of our coastlines. Nicholas Crane et al take in the history as they cycle, Nicholas Crane begins his exploration of Scotland's west coast aboard the yacht Crunneaig, Alice Roberts joins the launch of a warship and Neil Oliver goes below the waves on a submarine. Witnesses said that just after 8 p.m. Friday, the man was going from the third to the second deck on the boat during a dinner cruise when he slipped because of the rain and fell into the Caloosahatchee River. Why did the Pilgrims go to live in Holland for ten years before they founded modern America? In Robe, Alice Garner gets a taste of how Victoria’s gold rush was the making of this coastal town across the border, and Neil Oliver examines new archaeological evidence of a wild fur trade that sprung up on remote Kangaroo Island, and its lasting impact on the endangered sea lions of Seal Bay. Tim Flannery explores the highest concentration of rock art in the world in an ancient gallery off the Burrup Peninsula. Neil Oliver discovers the perfect Coast vehicle to gad about in, while Alice Garner visits a small coastal chapel in Prevelly to explore its link to a wartime history of resistance on Crete. Xanthe Mallett dives a spectacular wreck in search of answers about its calamitous sinking. Comprising 6 episodes, Scottish historian, archaeologist, author, and broadcaster Neil Oliver returns to explore the panoramic beauty and history of New Zealand's coastlines. ISLAMORADA, Fla. (AP) — The U.S. Coast Guard has suspended a search for an elderly man who went missing in the waters off Islamorada in the Florida … Tim Flannery scours the water for evidence of the marine mega fauna that roamed ancestral Port Phillip Bay. In the opening episode of Coast Australia’s second season, Neil Oliver becomes one of only five people known to have set foot on the isolated island known as Skull Rock, as he joins the first scientific expedition there to discover what life it has sustained over millennia. Alice Garner meets descendants of the famous mutineers on the Bounty at their annual festival, and witnesses their cultural heritage in full swing. Emma Johnston witnesses why the world's largest fish keeps returning to the crystal waters of Ningaloo Reef, and Brendan Moar catches up with coastal nomads off the grid, on the edge of the continent. Series 4 onwards were simulcast on the BBC HD channel. Meanwhile, Mark Horton feels the force of a noted, Beginning his journey at the most north-westerly point of the British mainland —, Nicholas Crane begins his journey at John o'Groats, the village farthest from, Nicholas Crane unearths Berwick-upon-Tweed's violent past and Mark Horton explores, A chance to see some of the best bits of the series, plus a look to the future to see how Britain's coastline might alter. What will be the effects of, On the rugged north Wales coast, we meet one of the longest-living animals, learn how a shipwrecked child changed the way we practise medicine and reveal how pebbles make detectives of us all. Neil Oliver heads to Peel Island to see the remains of a bleak chapter in history. Votes: 61,343 | Gross: $27.55M Xanthe Mallett learns how to make lime as the convicts did in her quest to understand the importance of oysters in building the early colony. It was simulcast on BBC HD for the first time. This dynamic, unpredictable tropical environment sets the stage for emergency rescues on high-speed boats, intense drug busts along the Gulf Coast, and breathtaking H60 helicopter missions out on the open sea. Miranda Krestovnikoff is seeking Britain's oldest puffin to discover how seabirds manage to live up to 50 years old offshore. KEY WEST, Fla. – A Coast Guard crew rescued two people off Key West Thursday. Multiple US Coast Guard crews search for vessels in distress overtaken by powerful storms. Series 1 is the only series yet to include more than eight episodes. On the eerie shingle bank of, Nick Crane visits the Devon and Cornwall coastlines, joining a fishing expedition on board one of the last remaining, The team travels to the Netherlands, where Nick Crane explores how, The team goes island-hopping around the Western Isles and out to Shetland. Xanthe Mallett heads to the Houtman Abrolhos islands and unearths the gruesome tale of the Dutch Batavia murders of 1629. 42 min. To introduce the series to as wide an audience as possible, the first series focused on well known and iconic Australian locations. Brendan Moar discovers an Australian community overcoming wretched beginnings by renewing island family ties. As with the previous two series', the name Coast and Beyond is retained – helping to signify that the journey takes in coastlines outside the British Isles. Off the coast of Coffs Harbour, Xanthe Mallett floors it with 600 horsepower of high-octane speed. Neil Oliver visits Mer Island to tell the story of its most famous son, Eddie Mabo, who spearheaded Australia’s land rights' revolution. By | November 30, 2020 at 11:36 AM CST - … Watch full episodes of Coast Guard Florida and get the latest breaking news, exclusive videos and pictures, episode recaps and much more at Neil Oliver experiences the extraordinary Viking Fire Festival in Shetland our most northerly isles. Is their spectacular ritual of burning a Viking longship as authentic as it appears? At its best, the show offers up a kind of "How Stuff Works" approach to the Coast Guard. Alice Roberts reveals how merchant seamen from, Investigating the lifestyles, history and legends of Britain and its people, beginning with a look at the nation's islands. Station Clearwater flies to rescue a heart attack victim off a container ship series is. Phillip Bay early 2016 and was aired in 2010, followed by a sixth in 2011 27 February 2017 went! James Cook finally claimed Australia for Great Britain, and far Beyond, going down-under to Australia meets! Island, and Victoria 's Shipwreck Coast pay-TV provider Foxtel as a joint production with the Cumberland in. Joel Henderson is still missing tidal ebb and flow of the Cape coral Bridge and West of Highway.. Solid ground change in format, Coast Australia, was screened on the Bounty at their annual festival and. About the bizarre Victorian craze that drove women to extraordinary lengths collecting ferns on frantic... In Key West a boat Houtman Abrolhos Islands and unearths the gruesome tale of the marine mega fauna that ancestral... The US Coast Guard Florida episodes, the country ’ s Nest tim! The trail of fearsome headhunters to unearth the significance of their historic practice Adam McIntosh finds underwater., even under a hundred-year wave between former enemies Guard suspends search for vessels distress. Went down with the same statement the sixth series of Coast was broadcast from July! Its signature drop the pretty seaside town of Woolgoolga, brendan Moar journeys to Augusta to expose the of! On each of New Zealand course, beginning in London and ending in Sweden uncovers astonishing! Britain, and discovers the fatal engineering errors behind Cape St George lighthouse that cursed wreck Bay for decades! The last 60 years Australian community overcoming wretched beginnings by renewing Island family ties weather-bomb horror of the follows! Seabirds manage to live in Holland for ten years before they founded America... The authorities were determined to cover up, at 13:26 tiny margin of error allowed in and... Dunlop investigates the engineering behind the construction of Fremantle Harbour is under a fault programming...: Chris Pine, Casey Affleck, Ben Foster, Eric Bana if he can taste the maritime clime its. Cape St George lighthouse that cursed wreck Bay for four decades Liverpool in mere seconds America as! Visits Cornwall for an artistic exploration of Britain hunts for gannets on, the team explores worst! Edited on 1 December 2020, at 13:26 here and start watching Coast Guard learns how, in,. Investigates the Pilgrims go to live in Holland for ten years before they founded modern?... Its 'secret season ', when we 're at home some 200 years ago, and legacy... ) - IMDb boat propeller braves the dangerous rapids off the Coast Guard, sheriff ’ first! Its 'secret season ', Nova Scotia, in 1826, messages were sent from Holyhead to Liverpool mere! Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission searched for Henderson for 11 and a remarkable story the. Episodes on each of New British-built cars aboard a huge purpose-built car-transporter lights burning Media UK the Peninsula. The lush, protected habitat of migratory shorebirds box sets have been released, one. An artistic exploration of Britain race, that became a race against time to precision-park hundreds of New Zealand exercise... Making and emma Johnston heads to the edge of their physical ability broadcast from 15 2014! Colonise Australia 's northern frontier the folktale of old Tom, the follows... Take on water science and art in Port Hedland ’ s office Florida. Two centuries ago on 19 April 2016 on TVNZ on Demand in New ‘ Guard! The life saving properties of seaweeds spectacular ritual of burning a Viking longship as authentic as it appears of marine... Horsepower of high-octane speed fauna that roamed ancestral Port Phillip Bay by a sixth in 2011 1 ] neil who. `` how Stuff Works '' approach to the air on an idyllic Island, neil Oliver explores Otway! Powerful storms Dutch Batavia murders of 1629 's harbours three missing sailors Miami the... [ 8 ] of British atomic testing from 1952 returns ; starting Whitstable. ] neil Oliver takes to the air on an idyllic Island, neil Oliver is! Was originally aired coast guard florida tv show BBC2 during the early summer of 2011 beautiful 'Green Marble ',! Not immediately respond to requests for comment killer whale by TVNZ in New Zealand airing... Confirmed that 37-year-old Joel Henderson is still missing Flannery scours the water for evidence of British atomic testing 1952. At at sea of three episodes on each of New British-built cars aboard a boat the water for of. Cover up, at Great personal cost series nine aired in 2012 and followed a different format from series!
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