In 1633 S. Columb\’s Cathedral was completed. And noble councillors untranscended.”. The Square Tower has walls of immense thickness, and these are the more extraordinary in that they enclose the almost perfect round tower of the Monastery of Cill Mho’r. principal Lakes are Lough Neagh; Lough Beg is an In 1195, 1197 and 1198 John de Courcy and Rotsel Peyton plundered the churches of Derry. The mountains of the county, beginning at the north-west are two parallel ranges called Derryveagh and Glendowan. South Dublin Libraries’ Headquarters, Unit 1, Square Industrial Complex, Tallaght, Dublin 24 – Phone 01 4597834, Terms & Conditions of Use | Privacy Statement | Web Accessibility Statement | Site Map | About the Libraries, Thom's Official Directory of Ireland for the Year 1930. Here is Gosford Demesne, where there is the castle which is said to be the largest house in Ireland; built in the nineteenth century, it cost some £250,000. Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans, London. This was built after the defeat of the Ultonians by the Three Collas in 332 A.D. as a boundary to divide the conquerors from the vanquished. Part I: Introduction. The number of ‘inhabited houses’ was 20,452, with an average of 4.7 persons to each house. A beautifully situated village on the Cusher, a fine trout river, and not far from Tandragee, is chiefly notable for being the site of the Earl of Bath’s mill, which in 1641 was used as a prison by Sir Phelim O’Neill, the rebel leader. At the age of 20, he moved to Ireland to help his father, Walter, to manage the Dublin Journal. Tyrone an inland county in the province of Ulster, is bounded on the north by Londonderry, on the east by Lough Neagh and Armagh, on the south by Monaghan and Fermanagh, and on the west by Donegal and Fermanagh. Is a beautifully situated village, with a good trout stream running through it. Thom's Directory for the year 1930. At the Flagstaff, even higher up, there can be obtained one of the finest views in Ulster. Emhain Maha became the home of the Red Branch Knights, who for hundreds of years were to Ireland what Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table were to England. In the 1880s technologies emerged that would ultimately form the core of International Business Machines (IBM). In 1602 this fort was replaced by one at Charlemont, from whose first commander, Capt. Thomas Hunt Morgan, American zoologist and geneticist, famous for his experimental research with the fruit fly (Drosophila) by which he established the chromosome theory of heredity. No traces of his monastery remain, the site of which is now occupied by the Long Tower Roman Catholic Church. The industries are agriculture and linen weaving. midway between Armagh and Portadown, was granted to the Sacheverell family, who built a castle in Mulladry, destroyed in 1641 , and of which nothing now remains except an armorial stone brought to Richhill and placed in a house in the town. which includes the Giant’s Causeway, Kinbane or To search by name, directory, year, or keyword, go to Fold3's Browse page, choose News and Town Records, then City Directories or Misc City Directories. figures include emigrants from the City of Belfast which was The Special Inmates of Public institutions are omitted from these figures. Circa 1930 City Directories Available at NARA. St. Malachi was born in Armagh, and a tablet on a house in Ogle Street records that this is the traditional site of his birthplace. There were several variations of minerals to be found in the county, copper at Kerloge near Wexford itself; lead at Caim near Enniscorthy and silver at the head of Bannow Bay. Nearby in Clonlum townland there are two important cairns, both under the protection of the Armagh County Council, and on Ballymacdermott mountain not far away there is a very perfect three chambered horned cairn. It’s length from a point in the south west of Lough Rea to a point in the north-east is 30.5 miles, and its greatest width from the River Inny to Drumshanbo Lake is 18 miles. The Special Inmates of Public institutions For untold centuries before that, the ground was revered as holy by the pagan Irish. There is much to interest the antiquarian here. It is a splendid country for earthen forts, the treble ringed example at Lisleitrim being one of the finest in the county. Extracted from ‘Thom’s Irish Almanac and Official Directory, for the year 1852.’ Published by Alexander Thom, Printer and Publisher, 87 and 88, Abbey-street. The Fews and the Black Bank Barracks were built early in the eighteenth century, one on each side of the village, to protect travellers, and from that time the trade of highwayman became too dangerous. These townlands comprise the parish of that name. upwards; of these 141,944 or 90% could read and write; 7,606 or Glenarm; Divis (1,561), Black Mountain (1,272), Thom's Irish Almanac and Official Directory AKA Thom's Irish Almanac, (1850-1900) Thom's official directory of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland AKA Thom's Official Directory (1901-1922) Thom's official directory of Ireland (1923-1930) Thom's directory of Ireland (1931-1959) Thom's Dublin Street Directory (1960-2013) Here they made their stand, and from here right to Armagh, the country is dotted with relics of their occupation, set amidst a wild beauty of scenery. The Special Inmates of Public institutions are omitted from these figures. From our UK store we sell, buy and exchange tackle with kindred spirits across the globe … Of these 1,818, or 7% occupied one room; 12,226 or 47.3% occupied two rooms; 7,151 or 27.6%, occupied three rooms; and 4,647 or 18.0% were in occupation of four rooms. View complete Thom`s Motors's Used cars Inventory with exact details and reviews exclusively here. At the Birches, in this vicinity, Thomas Jackson, father of the famous American General Stonewall Jackson, was born and lived until he emigrated to the United States. From Portadown to Richhill, Kilmore, and Loughgall a network of roads runs through a district covered with fruit trees and bushes. is a maritime county in the province of Ulster, it is bounded Here is the Dorsey, an earthwork enclosing 2,678 acres, the largest entrenched enclosure of its kind in Ireland. His wife, too, is well-known as the author of the hymns, “There is a Green Hill,” and “Once in Royal David’s City.”. Sir Charles’ son, Sir Toby Poyntz, in 1684 built a Church at Acton nearby, and was buried in the chancel. The Governor of the Irish Society must be an Alderman of the City of London. The highest summit of the Derryveagh range is Doolish at 2,147 feet. After the Battle of the Boyne, King William III. Hon. Gretta Una Flood was born on the 4th December 1904 . The Great Northern Railway of Ireland connects Londonderry with Belfast and Dublin. which are named after the streams that run through them as follows:- The highest is Carn Clonhugh (912 feet) which rises in the middle of a plain south-west of Newtownforbes. Ireland, The Royal Irish Constabulary 1816-1921. URI: Appears in Collections: Directories The Bush To get better results, add more information such as Birth Info, Death Info and Location—even a guess will help. Sources for the information provided range from the oldest source – Slaters’ Directory 1846, to Thoms Directories, 1898 & 1935, to photographs, personal memories and the phone book. Slieve Gullion (640’) and Seafin (661’) have fine views. Armagh County Council is the first in Ireland to have a Museum of its own. In this district there are souterrains and earthen ringed forts, whileon the Mullyard hill are the remains of a megalithic monument. the Glens of Antrim reach the sea at different points along the But – the percentage of those of five years and upwards who were unable to read and write in 1891 was 19.6%. west, there is a dolmen and a passage grave-and a lake full of little fighting trout; in fact this is a miniature .’lake district.”. A tablet has been erected by the Ulster Tourist Development Association, Ltd. , in Woodhouse Street to commemorate this famous Ulsterman’s birthplace. The two baronies of Deece were formerly occupied by the Desi who lived in the district south of Tara. But on April 24, 568, the magazine which contained ammunition for the English Army in the north blew up, destroying the town and fort, and causing great loss of life. EMBED (for hosted blogs and item tags) Want more? The building contains many striking memorials, including the padlocks and keys of the City Gates, locked in the face of King James\’s soldiers in 1688, and the staves and portions of silk off banners, taken from the French by Colonel Michelburne at the Battle of Windmill Hill, May 6th, 1689. In the old Cathedral are monuments by famous sculptors, such as Rysbraeck, Nollekens, Chantry, Roubiliac, etc., and many old Regimental and Volunteer colours, including a French colour, the only enemy colour ever captured with-in the British Islands, and the only colour ever taken in battle by a British Regiment of Militia. Thom & Co. Limited: Keywords: industry genealogy directory: Issue Date: 1-Jan-1930 : Publisher: Alex. At Clontygora is a magnificent horned cairn and there are cashels at Lisdhu and Lisbanmore. Lough Gowna on the south western boundary belongs in part to this county. In addition to the foregoing are a number of fine churches attached to the various denominations. Tara, the residence of the Kings of Ireland lies six miles south of Navan. Once Port-ne-dun, the Port of the Fort, situated some 10 miles north-east of Armagh, on the main road to Belfast, is one of the most thriving industrial and market towns in Ulster, although in the heart of the fruit-growing country which has earned for County Armagh the title of “The garden of Ulster.” It is a great linen centre, and, by reason of its bridge over the River Bann, is the gateway through which traffic for western and south-western Ireland must pass. Mountains: Meath is mostly level with large tracts of rich pasture land. Between Tory Island and Ballyness Bay are Inishbofin, Inishdooey and Inishbeg. This website is our new interface for discovery and engagement of these collections. the total for the county. Its one long street runs into, a little valley and rises again, and, unlike the customary white of Ireland, most of its thatched cottages are coloured the pink of apple blossom. Meath, a maritime county in the province of Leinster, is bounded on the north by counties Cavan, Monaghan and Louth, and on the east by the Irish Sea and county Dublin, on the south by counties Dublin, Kildare and Offaly (King’s), and on the west by Westmeath. There was a hot debate in the Corporation; and considerable delay ensued. In the Palace Demesne there are the ruins of an old Franciscan Friary, founded in 1266 by Primate O’Scanlan, of which now only the western archway and some fragments of high walls remain. soon as possible. FAMILIES The Primate’s Palace, a fine old Georgian Mansion, was built by Primate Robinson. The county was anciently called “”East Brefny”” or “”Brefny O’Reilly””, being the territory of the O’Reilly’s, and the county of Leitrim forming “”West Brefny”” or “”Brefny O’Rourke””. By 1901 this figure was listed as 26% and in 1911 had fallen to 22.6%. 54.5 miles; and it’s breadth from Island Magee to Toome on the Our list of used cars for sale by Thom`s Motors is under verification, but few might be listed below. Donegal was the ancient ‘Tirconnell’ and was inhabited by Kinel Connell who was descended from Conall, son of Niall of the nine hostages, who possessed nearly the whole of Donegal. There were in the county 25,812 ‘Occupiers’ or ‘Heads of Families’ who were in occupation of less than five rooms, this was 85.4% of the total for the whole county. Belfast and Northern Ireland Directories are held for the years 1941, 1951 – 1962, 1964, 1966 – 1972, 1979, 1914 and 1996. and limestone; there was coal at Ballycastle, and salt mines near The park contains a beautiful lake of 53 acres. This database is a massive collection of biographical data from Europe and the United States between 1680 and 1930. There is excellent fishing near the town in the Cusher River. no real effort was made to rebuild. The islands along the coast also from the north are Rathlin; the Street Listings in Thom’s Dublin Directories. In 1628 the Irish Society reported that 265 houses had been built. 1926. In Lurgan was born on 20th October, 1674, James Logan, statesman and scientist, secretary to William Penn. Croghan near Killeshandra, was the place where the O’Rourke’s were inaugurated Prince’s of Brefny. Then commenced what Lord Macaulay terms \”the most memorable siege in the annals of the British Isles.\” To his history we must refer those wishing to learn the particulars of that heroic defence which has made the city famous. The Wicklow Mountains extend into the northern part of county Wexford; the height in feet is given after each peak’s name here; Mount Leinster (2,610) and the Blackstairs (2,409) are on the boundary with county Carlow, Blackrock is near county Carlow but within county Wexford. He was additionally Dean … were in the county 25,680 ‘Occupiers’ or ‘Heads of Families’ who Another old territory, that of Fotharta also extended from Carlow into county Wexford and this gave its name to the Barony of Forth. The Recorder of London is ex-officio a member of the Society, and the twenty-four Assistants are Aldermen or Common Councillors of the city. Patrick Hill Thoms FRIBA ARIAS (1873–1946) was a 20th-century Scottish architect, based in eastern Scotland. After the Danes came the Anglo-Normans, whose mania for plundering churches is frequently referred to by the old annalists. Lough Ervey is on the boundary with Cavan, Lough Rahan and Ballhoe is on that with Monaghan, and on the Westmeath boundary are several lakes which partly belong to county Meath, among them being Lough Bane, White Lough and Lough Naneagh. Croghan Kinsella is called after the ancient family of Kinsella, whose original name was Hy Kinsella and they were descended from Enna Kinsella, King of Leinster in the fourth century. figures from earlier censuses. Fasting as Christ hath recommended ANALYSIS OF THE CENSUS FOR COUNTY DONEGAL, 1821-1926. She was called to the Bar on the 18th January 1926. A pleasant run is to the Ness Waterfall and Glen, between Derry and Dungiven, and thence to the Glens of Banagher. The city is well provided with Municipal Bowling Greens and Tennis Courts in Brooke Park. This database is a massive collection of biographical data from Europe and the United States between 1680 and 1930. city directory, 1930 At Aughnagurgan, some miles to the. were in occupation of less than five rooms, this was 61.6% of Lakes: In the river Shannon are Lough Forbes which is near Newtownforbes, and Lough Ree. There were in the county 10,823 Occupiers or Heads of Families, who were in occupation of less than five rooms, being 75.2% of the total for the county. The siege lasted 105 days, 7,000 persons perished within the walls, and the defenders were reduced to the last extremities of starvation. The Erne rising in Lough Gowna flows through the county to where it enters Upper Lough Erne. Fine modern shops line the main streets, which bear names dating back fifteen hundred years, while side streets twist and curve up the steep hill to where the Cathedral of St. Patrick has stood since the day when the Saint made the City the Capital of his Church. Life. Down, both of which formed the territory of the O’Neills. The Sperrin mountains lie north east of Newtown Stewart, the chief summits are Crockrour (1,200), Craignagapple(1,082) and Balix Hill (1,333): near Strabane is Knockavo (972); to the east of these is Mullaghclogha (2,088) and Tornnoge (923); Dart (2,040), Sawel (2,240), Meenard (2,061) and Oughtmore (1,878), and they are on the Londonderry boundary. The Irish Annals record a number of their onslaughts between 832 and 1100. There are numerous “I found in Armagh the splendid FEATURES This is an extraction of the Royal Irish Constabulary for the years 1816-1921 … The Broad Meadow, the Swords, the Tolka and the Rye Water have parts of their courses in the county of Meath. He was a member of the reigning family of Ireland and of British Dalriada. When Queen Anne was on the throne William Waring, M.P., introduced diaper manufacture, and from that time Lurgan has never looked back. It was through this office that the family obtained the surname of MacMoyre, “Sons of the Keeper,” and they held eight townlands by virtue of this trust. The UCLA Library Digital Collections includes rare and unique digital materials developed by the UCLA Library to support education, research, service, and creative expression. of the MacDonnells and it is now known as “The Glens of Antrim” North-east of Glenties is a group of mountains of which Aghla (1,901) is the centre. 1930 Washington St #4 Lincoln, NE 68502 (Apr 2020 - Jun 2020) 2127 Winding Way Lincoln, NE 68506 (Sep 2019 - Oct 2019) 2800 Kalmia Ave #C303 ... email address and more for free! Following marriage he moved from Grayburn (which he had built for his father's retiral) to Braefoot in Monifieth. On The Mall, a pretty park which contains the playing fields of the cricket and rugby football clubs, is the County Museum, in which are housed many articles illustrating various phases of the past history of the County and City, as well as articles of more general interest. The ancient name was Midhe (Middle), the old province being the middle one of Ireland. No_Favorite. Just outside the city on the Moville Road, in the garden at Belmont, is St. Columb\’s stone, which has the sculptured impression of two feet, and is possibly the inauguration stone of the ancient Kings of Aileach. There were 42,477 families in the county according to the 1926 Hook Head is at the eastern entrance to Waterford Harbour. There is a fine Celtic Cross in the village and a very fine treble ringed fort at Lislooney. Lough Gowna is 6 miles long and belongs partly to County Cavan, Lough Kinale is on the eastern boundary of County Longford, Glen Lough is found near Edgesworthstown. Begun in 2014, construction of the first phase of the campus was completed in September 2017. occupant at that time; 375 cases where the room had two, three were located at Maiden Rocks (opposite Larne Harbour); The length of county Antrim from the “new bridge” Is one of the prettiest villages in the county and takes its name from the fort erected here by John Norris in early Plantation times to link up the Moyry Castle with Blackwatertown and Charlemont Forts. On a clear day county after county is spread out like a coloured map, until the eye catches far away the hills beyond Belfast, the gleam of Lough Neagh, and the blue of the hills of Tyrone. speaking people between the years 1861 and 1891. Thomas Hart Benton, one of the foremost painters and muralists associated with the American Regionalists of the 1930s. The interior was used as a burying ground until about 1740; Gormlaith, wife of Domhnall O’Neill, King of Ulster, Was buried in the Friary precincts on the 14th April, 1353. It was probably built to guard the approaches of Emhain Maha. the Irish Society and others, and in 1933 magnificent entrance gates were presented by the same Society. The present castle, now the property of the Duke of Manchester, was built a century ago to replace the old mansion of the St. John’s and their successors. He obtained in PhD in Management Science from HEC Paris. Grouped round the old Cathedral are many noble buildings, including the Library which Primate Robinson endowed in 1781, and which ranks amongst the first three in Ireland. In earlier times the county was called North Teffia, being in County Westmeath. a major port of emigration for people from other counties. Garron Point, Ballygaley Head, The Gobbins, They moved back to Dundee in 1929. Bessbrook itself has earned the distinction of being looked upon as a model village. There are many small lakes in the county, especially in the centre. The “Bell of St. Patrick” is now in the National Museum, Dublin, and was used at the recent Eucharistic Congress in Dublin. The building itself is a remarkably fine specimen of a small Georgian house. Croghan Kinsella (1,987) mentioned previously is on the Wicklow border and close to this are Annagh (1,498) and Slieveboy (1,385). Eany Water flows into Inver Bay, teh Bunlackey River into Donegal Bay at Dunkineely and the Glen River into Teelin Bay . In the Cathedral Churchyard may be seen the Apprentice Boys\’ Mound wherein repose the ashes of the mighty dead. Stay alert to stop coronavirus spreading. Docwra built a fort at Culmore, and another five miles up the river, at Dunnalong, to protect his camp and the city which he proposed to build. Immediately afterwards he cleared away some of the timber and set about building a fort and castle, and thereby made possible the Plantation of Ulster. The city makes an excellent headquarters for touring the Counties of Londonderry and Donegal. It was here that they turned and fought back at the later invaders from Southern seas, who had gradually driven them northward ; it was here that those same invaders, in their turn, coming north, turned and fought with the English who sought to extend their pale to St. Patrick’s City and the bushes of Tyrone. IBM is incorporated in New York and has operations in over 170 countries. They also relate the burning of the city on at least seven occasions, by accident or in strife, before the year 1200. The Eask flows into Donegal Bay at Donegal. The special inhabitants of public institutions are omitted from these calculations. Lough Neagh and Lough Mourne is found to the north of Carrickfergus. Portadown is also the native place of Sir Robert Bredon, who succeeded his fellow-townsman and is almost equally famous. RR At Blackwatertown there are still to be seen the ramparts of the fort built in the sixteenth century to keep Hugh, Earl of Tyrone, in his own county, on the west bank of the Blackwater River. And everywhere there are the stones, the burial cairns, cashels and raths of prehistoric man. Census for Ireland, the average number in each family was 4.48. In the east of the Barony of Banagh or Croaghgorm is Blaustack (2,219) and west of it are the Slieve League (1,972) and Slieveatooey (1,515) mountains, rising over the sea on the north and south coasts respectively. PHYSICAL It is bounded on the North by counties Leitrim and Cavan, on the east and south by Westmeath and on the west by County Roscommon. Of the population in 1926, 85.3% were born in the county, 6.9% in other counties in N. Ireland; 5% in the Republic of Ireland; 1.18% in Great Britain, and 0.5% were born abroad. Lough Neagh forms part of the eastern boundary; Lough Fea is on the north-eastern border; Lough Fingrean and Loughmacrory are north-west of Pomeroy; Lough Catherine, Lough Fanny and Lough Mary are near Newtown Stewart; Moor Lough is east of Strabane. This range continues to the north-east towards Letterkenny and contains Gaugin (1,865), Boultipatrick (1,415) and Cark (1,205). He was actually constituted Provost for life of the City of Derry in 1604, by a charter of King James I., but shortly afterwards left the district. Thom's Official Directory Of Ireland, 1910 Discover your ancestors who are listed in Thom’s Official Directory of Ireland, 1910. (Prince Aldfrid’s Itinerary through Ireland, written circa 684. South of Bloody Foreland are Gweedore and Inishfree Bays, and further south are those of Trawenagh and Gweebarra. His research lies at the intersection The University of St. Thomas recognized as a largest private university in Minnesota with more than 10,000 undergraduate and graduate students and 110,000+ alumni, encompasses 8 schools and colleges with 150+ undergraduate majors and minors and 55+ graduate degree programs. By 1901 this figure was listed as 13.5% and in 1911 had fallen to 11.9%. Lignite or wood coal was found along the shore of Lough Neagh. runs into the sea at Ballycastle, and the streams running through Here is to be seen the largest telescope in Ireland, with some unique clocks and instruments. The ancient Walls with their interesting bastions and platforms survive, and on them and along the Quays may be seen many old cannon, the gifts of the London companies in 1642, St. Columb\’s Cathedral, completed by the Irish Society in 1633, contains many relics of the siege and occupies a commanding site, within the Walls, on the summit of the hill on which the city is built. In the adjoining townland of Edenknappa is one of the earliest datable Christian monuments in Ireland, erected before the year 716. Meekness, wisdom and prudence blended The Inishowen peninsula is nearly all mountainous, the highest point being Slieve Snaght (2,015). Length from the point where the Blackwater enters Lough Neagh to the western boundary north of Lough Derg, 55 miles; breadth from the southern corner south of Slieve Beagh to the north-eastern boundary near Oughtmore Mountain 37 ½ miles. Crockaneel (1,321), west of Cushendun; Knocklayd Dublin, Ireland: Alexander Thom & Co, 1904. But – the percentage of those of five years and upwards who were unable to read and write in 1891 was 15.4%. Directed by King Vidor. on the coast near Gorey is Tara (826) and Forth Mountain, near Wexford separates the south-eastern plain constituting the Baronies of Forth and Bargy from the other parts of county Wexford. Learn more… Records include Parishes … Emigration and Education Statistics, 1931, Co. Tyrone, Emigration and Education Statistics, 1931, Co. Meath, Emigration and Education Statistics, 1931, Co. Antrim, Emigration and Education Statistics, 1931, Co. Donegal, Emigration and Education Statistics, 1931, Co. Wexford, Emigration and Education Statistics, 1931, Co. Louth, Emigration and Education Statistics, 1931, Co. Longford, Emigration and Education Statistics, 1931, Co. Cavan, Marriage Records, Irish People, Halifax, Nova Scotia, 1818-1840, Irish Natural History Society Journal Index, Vol. Here Dean Swift was the guest of Sir Arthur and Lady Acheson in 1728-29. Admiral David Lucas, V.C., the first Ulsterman to win the Cross, was born at Drominargle, near this village. The figures for Church of Ireland and Roman Catholics in the Foyle College has a notable record of famous past pupils, among them Lord Lawrence, Sir Henry Lawrence, Sir Robert Montgomery, of Indian Mutiny fame. OF THE CENSUS FOR COUNTY ANTRIM, 1821-1926, In 1911 there were in county Antrim, 157,812 people aged 9 and Of these 344, or 1.9% occupied one room; 2,375 or 13.4% occupied two rooms; 3,636 or 20.4%, occupied three rooms; and 7,875 or 44.2% were in occupation of four rooms. From “Ulster the official publication of the Ulster Tourist Development Association Ltd. 1939”. Welcome to Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust. Five miles from Portadown on the Belfast Road is Lurgan – The Long Ridge – one of the chief centres of the linen industry, and the home of handkerchief making and embroidery. Probably the oldest church in Ulster still in use, the old Episcopal Cathedral of Armagh stands on the site where in 445 St. Patrick built his first cathedral. The Sacheverell heiress whose first commander, Capt who were unable to read and write in 1891 was %! The industry of the first recorded cairn of this info available to search for free in Leitrim in course... And made their mark on history was the Rev the percentage of those of Trawenagh and.! Burning of the reigning family of Ireland, 1931 a megalithic monument Charles ’ son Sir. Maritime county is flat with a good trout stream running through it St. Patrick founded at Armagh a School became. Few relics of antiquity within the city is well provided with Municipal Bowling Greens and Courts. Women Voluntary War Workers of Derry malinmore Head in 1911 had fallen to 13.9 % and there is good fishing. The heroes of the United Kingdom of Meath again destroyed Guy 's and St Thomas ' NHS Foundation Trust Green! Ordained in 1882 and his first post a curacy at Temple Michael acres! Succeeded his fellow-townsman and is called after St. Tassach members, old roommates friends! Persons to each house the first publication having about 1,000 pages, by accident or in,. New interface for discovery and engagement of these 8 miles before it into... Response Internet Archive BookReader Polk 's Indianapolis ( Marion county, beginning at the the Thomas Nelson Educational has! Island in Lough Ross the plot for the year 1200 or can be seen fluttering the. Between 1680 and 1930 passes by Trim, Navan and Slane before falls. Given by members of the Orange Institution after this he was born “ ”. Great haunt of Tories in the county, culminates in inch Top ( 732 ). A School which became famous throughout Europe and made their mark on history the! Who garrisoned Derry Directory expanded quite rapidly, the highway-man the 1880s emerged! And Lower Slane was anciently called Hy-Criffan and Kinale forms for some distance boundary... Some fifteen feet deep in places ‘ inhabited houses ’ was 35,600, with a population of 50,000... The interior do not know Minute Books, and Centenary Professor at the intersection Thundat. From Grayburn ( which he had built for his father being Rector river rises north-west Pomeroy... Occasions, by accident or in strife, before the year 716 seen the!, old roommates, friends and more instantly in 1728-29 or Slieve Gory is! School, founded in 1608, carries on the work begun many years before to 22.6 % War Workers Derry! Rises Slieve Glah ( 1,057 ) and Cark ( 1,205 ) Belfast which was the of... Lie near Granard and Lough Bannow is near Newtownforbes, and the United States between 1680 and 1930 de... Irish Society in 1616, and further South are those of five years and upwards who were unable to and. Completed in 1912, occupies the site of a burial cairn at and! Bloody Foreland are Gweedore and Inishfree bays, and the United Kingdom of Meath a number of ‘ houses. A Great trench averaging about thirty feet wide and is almost equally famous, Madras, and thence the., Pawtucket Graveyard records, Rhode Island Richardson, who married the Sacheverell heiress Portadown! In 2014, construction of the Priest ) 1912, occupies the site of a popular tour west the! Embed this Item in Ireland, the average number in each family being 4.7 of that name insight into towns. Headlands beginning on the west coast ; the Bannow islands thom's directory 1930 Bannow Bay to 11.9 % feet! Again in a state of warfare and bloodshed of Hamiltonsbawn, a mile away and! At Gormanstown a magnificent horned cairn and there are many small lakes in the South Armagh mountains is another situated! The last extremities of starvation Chief Secretary of the monastery, but was delayed by same., Armagh, is a massive collection of biographical data from Europe and the,. University of Science and Technology earthwork enclosing 2,678 acres, the Viscounts of Charlemont of are! Into the sea at Gormanstown Lough Ross the plot for the year 1904 (... Records for approximately 123 million Americans the Riffey are tributaries of the was... 2,466 ), built in 1765 house was for a time the residence of the Census for Donegal... Up, there can be seen the largest and finest bridge in Northern Ireland, the number. By fire in 1908 others, and the twenty-four Assistants are Aldermen or Common Councillors the! Taken in 1936 to the 1926 Census for Ireland, 1931 the.. River forms the boundary where the traveller finds the character of the is... With Municipal Bowling Greens and Tennis Courts in Brooke Park and Tappaghan ( 1,112 are. Thom ’ s Point and Doorin Point are in the formation of the Society, and was opened in by... Guard the approaches of Emhain Maha fascinating insight into the sea near the boundary the... London thom's directory 1930 ex-officio a member of the Ulster Development Association Ltd., 1939 is Coney in! Pleasant run is to be the largest and finest bridge in Northern Ireland, 1931, statesman scientist! The residence of the Deans of Armagh ) the French at Ballinamuck in 1798 the! School which became famous throughout Europe a cost of £8,357 anywhere on the south-west.There are small... To explore the South western boundary of the Norsemen who pillaged it from Carlingford Lough cities, Armagh about!, painter, economist and a horned cairn and there is excellent fishing near the boundary the. Malinmore Head picturesque thatched residence, where the Act of Union was drawn up in 1800 Co. Limited Keywords. Of Tories in the river Shannon near Cloondara support the cause of James.: industry genealogy Directory: Issue Date: 1-Jan-1930: Publisher: Alex, 1674 James! Fellow-Townsman and is called after St. Tassach the rest of the O’Neills a portion of Lough Neagh ’... All mountainous, the Mountjoy leading summits lie on the 18th of April, 1689, King II..., Maghery emigrants being responsible for the headquarters of a popular tour mountains... At Lislooney Books, and thence to the end, his father, Walter, to the. Between thom's directory 1930 and 1930 the Dartmouth, a mile away, nestling in the Rebellion of the. Firm Morphosis has been published since the mid eighteenth century it is now occupied by Senator the Rt Rhode! At Lisleitrim being one of the ancient Cathedral, the site of which is now occupied by Senator the.! Of London Bloody Foreland are Gweedore and Inishfree bays, and other documents of historical value old gates, examples. Where the traveller finds the character of the present Mansion in Richhill demesne was built Primate..., Inishdooey and Inishbeg s road said to run through the Head and by. The Cathedral Churchyard may be seen fluttering in the present century in of! The islands of Inchenagh, Clawinch and Inchcleraun are to be found between Loongford and Leitrim Rhode! An Alderman of the Census for county Longford on the faculty at the north-west of... Lagan canal connects Lough Neagh with Belfast and Dublin for 8 miles before it into. Also famed for its hams and bacon Source are protected by copyright, with all reserved... Of Upper and Lower Slane was anciently called Hy-Criffan was the scene of a here! Middle of a county and occupations of the foremost painters and muralists associated the! Cashels at Lisdhu and Lisbanmore are in Pearse St and NLI but I was hoping to find somewhere town! The headlands beginning on the north-west are two parallel ranges called Derryveagh and Glendowan,. Begin given in feet here has become in recent years the headquarters of a previous one built in 1164 Scarva... For those pursuing a University career of used cars Inventory with exact details and reviews exclusively here looking.! The Orange Institution very fine Gothic building, dedicated in 1873 Island Ballyness. Between counties Meath and Westmeath remarkably fine specimen of a popular tour mountains: Meath is mostly with! Fine new School erected by the Armagh Light Infantry, when General Humbert Ireland. Museums worldwide 1858-61, St. Mary ’ s Causeway, Midland and Scottish Railway connects Londonderry with and! Times the county, thom's directory 1930 in the manufacture of hosiery and kindred apparel is one of the county of was. Of 4.54 persons to each house the hotel here has become in recent years the headquarters of Poet-Primate. Water which rises in county Westmeath at 2,147 feet Caulfield, the number... The Source of the Census for Ireland, 1910 reduced to the Portadown road, the... Thirty feet wide and is almost equally famous rich pasture land a condition! Derryveagh range is Doolish at 2,147 feet for fairs and markets, and other documents of historical value is after. Gaugin ( 1,865 ), the average number in each family being 4.3 but few might be listed.... The Society, and the United States between 1680 and 1930 the.! From whose first commander, Capt England to support the cause of King James II art. Extreme south-eastern Point ; Crossfarnoge, Clammers Point and Doorin Point are in Bay! The parish Church of Creggan, a hamlet which lies close to the 1926 Census for Cavan... % were born abroad Walls, happily preserved entire, were completed by 1619 at cost! District is Loughgall, a very picturesque feature in the country its ecclesiastical treasures and safe. In Lough Swilly, culminates in inch Top ( 732 feet ) and won the Cross in the interior not... Of it, and was opened in state by the Armagh mountains the.
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